Are Icelanders not good Europeans?

I gave a lecture at Lund University on 5 May called: "Are Icelanders not good Europeans - The reluctance of the Icelandic political elite to take full part in the European project". Four of my former students attended the lecture; three of which are now students at Lund University and one who is now a lector at Malmö University.

lund3 lund2 lund1Gunnhildur Lily Magnúsdóttir, Lector at Malmö University; Þorsteinn Kristinsson, MA student in Asian Studies at Lund; Hartmann Elíasson, MA student in European Studies at Lund; Helena Gonz, Ph.D. student in Political Science at Lund; Annica Kronsell, Professor in Political Science at Lund.


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