Small State Studies Research Team, Summer 2014

This is the small state studies research team for the summer of 2014.

From the left: Þorsteinn Kristinsson, Tómas Joensen, myself, Sverrir Steinsson and Dan Devine

As in the previous summers, we have been conducting research on Iceland's external relations from a long-term historical perspective. Tómas has been working on Iceland's relations with Denmark from the end of the Middle Ages to the founding of the Republic of Iceland in 1944. Sverrir, Dan and Þorsteinn have been studying the subsequent period, when Iceland entered into the American sphere of influence. Sverrir has studied the political aspect of US-Icelandic relations, while Þorsteinn has focused on the economic dimension. Dan, however, has prowled through the Wikileaks archives in search of new material that sheds light on the events leading up to the withdrawal of the US military base in Keflavík in 2006.

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