What should Iceland do in order to deal with the new security environment?

A Small State Seeking Shelter - Iceland's Search for Shelter. Iceland's foreign policy is examined in this Policy Brief published by the Small States and the New Security Environment (SSANSE) Research Project. I come up with several suggestions concerning Iceland's foreign policy and conclude that ' Following the events of 2006-2009, Iceland began searching for a replacement form of shelter provided by other external actors. However, it has not yet secured shelter to the extent that it received from the USA. Icelandic decision-makers need to closely examine to what extent multilateral shelter arrangements (such as NATO, Schengen and the EEA) may be more reliable providers of shelter in times of need, than a single protector such as the USA or the UK.' The Policy Brief was presented at the conference ‘Small States and the Changing Global Order: New Zealand Faces the Future’ at University of Canterbury in New Zealand, 3-4 June 2017.

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