Small States in Crisis

Proud to present a new chapter and a book on Small States and Crisis Management.  In our chapter Anders Wivel, Kulli Sarapuu and I discuss how to analyse crises in small states (Analysing Small States in Crisis: Fundamental Assumptions and Analytical Starting Points).  The book, Small States and the European Migrant Crisis: Politics and Governance, edited by in Tómas Joensen and Ian Taylor, examines the experience of small states in Europe during the 2015–2016 migration crisis. The contributions highlight the challenges small states and the European Union faced in addressing the massive irregular flow of migrants and refugees into Europe and the Schengen Area. The book is final product of the Jean Monnet Network NAS - Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe. It also features chapters from Tómas Joensen, Charalampos Tsardanidis, Mariliis Trei, Primož Pevcin, Danila Rijavec, Arndís Anna Kristínardóttir Gunnarsdóttir, Đana Luša, Triantafyllos Akis Karatrantos, Roderick Pace and Hugo Brady, and an excellent concluding section by Anders Wivel.


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